NALCO has a rich history of achievements and milestones.

1961 - Opening of the Aluminium Mill in Wiri.
1963-7 - Roofing sheet was exported for building Sherpa community schools and hospitals in the Himalayas helping with the community work Sir Edmund Hillary was spearheading.
1970 - Extrusion capacity doubled at the Wiri site due to increasing Customer demand.
1971 - The first establishments of Aluminium centres working in partnership.
1970s - Investments in both Rolls Holdings (Hamilton) and Nulook (Cambridge). This meant the company could first enter the fabrication of windows and doors market. 
1979 - Horizon Aluminium products is acquired further consolidating the group’s position in the high rise window business.
1982 - A new high technology press is introduced at Wiri.
1986 - Des McCarthy is the first employee to complete 25 years company service with many more to follow afterwards.
2002 - NALCO formed with Joint Venture from Capral.
2002 - Bradnam’s was established in New Zealand.
2002 - Early pioneers of V6.
2003 - The launch of WeatherTight™ suite of windows and doors.
2009 - NALCO wins the Manukau Business Excellence Award.
2009 - The launch of the Sovereign Series™ suite of windows and doors.
2011 - The Launch of the AllSeasons™ suite of windows and doors.
2012 - Shifted to the larger site in Highbrook, Auckland.
2014 - The Launch of the 41Architectural™ suite of windows and doors.
2014 - Decision made to extend Hamilton factory and invest in new extrusion operation.
2015 - Nulook Windows & Doors celebrates 50 Years.
2015 - Order placed for new press.
2015 - The Stellar Doors innovative Selector is launched on the NALCO, Nulook and Bradnam's websites.
2015 - ERP investment for window business.
2016 - Announced proposed Joint Venture with Fletcher Aluminium Ltd.
2016 - The new Turla Press located at the Hamilton Mill pushes first billet.
2016 - 'We Are One' 1 July Joint Venture with Fletcher Aluminium Ltd. 
2016 - Altus name launch - Fletcher Aluminium and NALCO become Altus.