Cutting and Engineering Services

NALCO provide a range of engineering and cutting services to help process Aluminium towards a finished product. 

Plate Cutting 

We offer cutting for plate at our Auckland Centre where we are able to cut plate up to 305mm thick - dependent on the width on our plate saw and band saw.

CNC Router (Computer Numeric Control)

NALCO have their own flat bed CNC routers for precision profile cutting of Aluminium sheet and plate. Precision profile cutting large sheets of Aluminium with a router improves fabrication efficiency which, in turn, saves time and money and also provides you with a cost effective solution.

NALCO’s CNC router has the ability to cut Aluminium sheet, plate and extrusion. (Up to 25mm thick, 2,200mm wide and 12,000mm long)

The advantages of a CNC router are:

  • Accurate CAD driven cutting
  • A smooth cut edge to improve finish quality 
  • Improved butt join weld strength and no post cut grinding, thanks to a non-heat affected cut zone
  • No water stains 

Aluminium Light Fabrication (ALF)

NALCO can offer a range of light fabrication options for Aluminium that includes cutting, drilling and punching to special tolerances.


For any cutting or ALF service contact NALCO so we can find the best solution to your requirements.