NALCO has a heritage that stretches back over fifty years in New Zealand and are one of the pioneers for the introduction of Aluminium within the NZ market.

Back in the 1950's Aluminium was almost an unknown material, not like today, where it is used in a wide range of industries and applications.

Over the years there have been a number of name changes since the company started trading in Wiri, 1961. 

Alcan commenced operations in Australasia in 1936 and was part of a parent company based in Canada. The parent company Alcan Aluminium Ltd restructured in 1994 and sold off the shares of its Australian and NZ operations, Capral was formed as a result of these changes.

In 2002, Ron Holden, Bill Bradnam and Capral Aluminium Australia formed NALCO to take over the assets of Capral Aluminium NZ Ltd in a joint venture. In 2006, Ron and Bill purchased Capral’s remaining shareholding to become the outright owners of NALCO. 

NALCO has become a leading designer of Aluminium window and door systems for both residential and commercial sectors through innovative and ground breaking research.